Oct 212014

Pittsburgh Bloggers and Activists discuss the issues surrounding police accountability.

Hear our panel in a thorough-going examination of the current state of police accountability in the City of Pittsburgh.

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Episode One's Contributors

The Panel

Bram Reichbaum – Blogger at The Pittsburgh Comet
Elwin Green – Blogger at Homewood Nation
Helen Gerhardt – Blogger at Busses Are Bridges
Brandi Fisher – Founder and President of the Alliance for Police Accountability

Moderator: Laura Wiens

Over the last years, the behavior of the Pittsburgh police force has often taken center stage in our region. Racial profiling, the excessive use of force, and corruption have damaged the potential partnerships between police and communities that are so crucial to building public safety. Many community members have reported that police have treated them as though they were insurgents in a war zone. And community members who are afraid of retribution or who have lost trust in the police have refused to share information, enabling the perpetuation of violence in their neighborhoods

Our new Mayor Bill Peduto has pledged to build effective systems of accountability and new foundations of respectful community police relations. He recently hired a new Police Chief, Cameron McLay, who has demonstrated experience in building bridges with communities. In this podcast, we ask how Pittsburghers can support our new Chief’s declared intention to reform our police force. We ask how community members can help build networks of cooperation, problem-solving and respectful communication with police that will both hold them accountable and support their will to protect and serve.

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